About you


Are you a first-time people manager or leader who has’t developed adequate management and leadership skills and you want to navigate the landscape of people management, helping them understand what people care about, what employees expect from their leaders, and what effective leaders do or you may be a manger or leader who understands the value of personal development and seeking support to improve and develop your leadership skills to be able to empower, inspire and nurture your team to maximise their potential. 

I am helping you weather you are a first-time or experienced leaders or mangers, together we will discover what you want and what is your value and purpose, using the coaching tools and accountability to allow you to make the changes you truly desire.

I love to work with people who are hungry for change, to better and improve their performance; those are ready to embrace transformation in their personal or professional life. 


Whether you have valuable leader who highly knowledgeable but difficult-to-approach, results-oriented machine though impatient individual; and a person who is both driven and resistant to sharing his/her knowledge to help others and own team perform more effectively, or you want to improve your teams’ performance and ethos. 

If you your answer yes to those, my program is for your leaders and his/her team to:

  • Improve collaboration to enhance business performance.
  • Sharing knowledge and expertise with others.
  • Build effective communication and create supportive environment.
  • Ask good questions and be open-minded.
  • Listen authentically and fully to other people’s ideas.
  • Build off of others’ ideas before giving own or rebutting their suggestions.
  • Engage in both dialogue and debate when appropriate.
  • Be more approachable and patient.
  • Be a thinking partner instead of a critic.